Garage Door Spring Repair

Insta helps your springs stay strong with a comprehensive service of spring repair in Los Angeles CA. The garage door spring allows your door to feel light and open with ease. Springs balance the weight of the door, letting them easily glide open or shut. A proper spring will hold most of the door weight, allowing you to open it by hand as if it were many times lighter.

Garage Door Springs Need Proper Care

On average, a garage door is opened and closed more than 1,500 times annually. If regular maintenance is neglected, the rollers can become stuck, necessitating the replacement of your tracks. The opener mechanism can fail and leave the door jammed halfway open. The tracks may become misaligned or misshapen, making the door difficult to open and close. Or, worst of all, the torsion springs could lose balance and break under tension, causing the door to fall to the ground abruptly.

There are cases where pieces of the tightly coiled spring will become loose and fly through the air like bullets, causing severe injury or even death, as well as damage to property.

Garage Door Spring Installed Above The Door

We Perform Spring Repairs and Replacements

We help our clients avoid all of these issues by performing replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Insta installs new springs that were required from licensed manufacturers in Los Angeles CA. Protect the integrity of your door and the safety of your home by implementing a regular maintenance plan. Contact us, and we will send contractors to assist you with all your maintenance needs as well as garage door spring repair and installation.

The spring is one of the more demanding components when it comes to maintenance. We recommend taking steps to ensure their longevity and functionality, but when they do break, it’s usually necessary to call a professional. Springs are rarely the type of part that can be replaced by the owner, and as such, this is one of the most common areas we work on.

Causes of Spring Damage

Common warning signs of a failing spring are when the doors feel heavier than before, or won’t stay in place when open halfway or under tension. With age and deterioration, springs lose their tension and strength. It’s important to do checkups on your door springs, as some causes of damage can be fixed before they cause irreparable damage.

Rusty Garage Door Spring

Wear and tear from prolonged use

The most common reason for spring damage is the most basic one. Springs wear out over time, no matter how tight or strong. An average spring moves the door up and down several times a day for years, and coils lose their strength leading to then breaking at some point.

Statistics in the United States say most doors are opened around 2,500 times a year, an astounding number of actions for the springs. Most industry-standard manufacturers provide door springs with 10,000 lifecycles of opening and closing, meaning after four years of constant use, even the manufacturers are aware of how worn out springs become. Some springs will hold up better than others, but on average, you can expect to have to replace them several times in your life just from wear and tear alone.

Not all worn out springs will break, but they still pose a severe safety hazard, especially if the doors stay open for prolonged periods of time and people are passing through.


Another widespread cause of spring failure or fatigue is rust. Moisture from the weather can often build upon the springs and cause damage. Corrosion significantly shortens the lifespan of the corroded metal and increases friction when winding the coils. Clean and lubricate your springs regularly as a means of preventive maintenance.

Corroded Garage Door Spring

Bad Maintenance

Poor maintenance plays a pivotal part in reducing or increasing damage from other sources. Springs do break at some point, and there’s little way to avoid it. However, maintenance and proper safety measures will prolong their life significantly. Regular maintenance will also ensure any risks are caught on time, and further damage prevented. We recommend that you call us about setting up regular safety inspections and maintenance checks on your property.

Bad Installation

It’s recommended that any sizable garage doors have two springs to support the load. Unfortunately, many property builders will ignore this recommendation and save money by setting up a single spring for the whole door. Corner-cutting is a horrible practice, and especially dangerous with garage springs. If you have a 2-car garage door, please make sure to have two springs on the door as well. Also, both springs should be bought at the same time from the same manufacturer, where possible. Replacing both at the same time will save you money over a longer time and prevent accidents.

IMPORTANT: Only Work with Licensed Professionals

We need to emphasize that replacing garage door springs can be extremely dangerous. Springs hold a considerable amount of stored energy when wound up, in fact enough to cause severe property damage or bodily injury if not unwound properly. The tension can easily pull an inexperienced person off of the ladder or damage your property.
It’s paramount to note there are thousands of cases of severe damage and accidents due to unprofessional servicing in the US.

If you don’t have the experience, we recommend leaving repairs to be trained and experienced professionals.

Insta garage doors Inc. is a licensed repair company that employs trained technicians and follows all regulations when conducting service. If you would like us to take a look at your damaged or broken springs, give us a call and we will get back to you with a free estimate.

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